Friday Five


It’s been a long week, one that included 4 hours at the salon getting my hair did. After trying out many different salons, I finally found the one. Wendy, my beautician is amaze balls. She’s the co-owner and really knows her shit. She was super patient with me in trying to figure out what I wanted.

Friday Five:

  1. It snowed last night and today. I thought this was spring!?! Apparently, PA has spring in the winter and winter in the spring.  Mother Nature is confused!
  2. Hopefully tomorrow, I will be able to move back into my bedroom. It’s been under some serious construction for the past two weeks. It sucks having all of your clothes in the living room.
  3.  I’ve reverted to my high school days of playing Sim City on my iPad. It’s pretty addicting (and it passes the time).
  4. Next Friday night (April 15th), I will be seeing Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, & Dustin Lynch for the first time. I’m excited! Woot!
  5. I’m so over men and relationships right now. I’m tired of being jerked around & led-on. I vow to just enjoy the single life for awhile & focus solely on me. Men are just…whatever…at this point.